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0331 6667337
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  • Making Recyclables, The Valuables

    Save your planet and earn cash at the same time.

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  • Responsible Recycling

    We ensure that every bit of the waste we recieve is recycled to the most extent, especially the materials most harmful to the environment.

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  • Save Your Planet

    Save Your community

    Join hands with us to contribute to a clean and sustainable environment for future generations.

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  • Circular


    Recyle every bit of waste to preseve natural resources by focusing on Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse principle.

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Welcome to Trash Bee

About Us

Trashbee is an eco friendly supply chain and recycling facility, providing custom recycling solutions for urban household and corporate customers.

Waste Pickup

We offer waste pickup services to safely pickup and recycle trash and waste.

Responsible Recycling

Guaranteed that all waste management and recycling is performed safely and responsibly.

Waste Events

We work with non-profits, businesses, and other organizations to host community waste events.

Schedule Pickup

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Please give us a call or send a message to order a pickup in the meantime.

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What we do


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Stronger Together

Our Mission

More About us

Trash Bee operates to ensure the 3R’s policy of reduce, recyle and reuse each and every material in urban environment.

Minimize the waste going into landfills and water bodies to save our environment for future generations.
Recycle every single recycable as well as waste material, in an environment friendly manner.
Supply recycled materials to industry for turning it into reusable materials, ensuring a circular economy.

An eco friendly company from Islamabad, providing a smart solution to urban waste problem.

Office #1, Floor 1, Zargham Plaza, Bahria Town phase 7

0331 6667337